Looking ahead with clear objectives

Penta has very clear objectives for the future. First and foremost, our aim is to strengthen the position of our shareholders and their enterprises in the market through cooperation with notable producers from all over the world.

Our willingness to take on responsibility, combined with the strong commitment of the PENTA shareholders enables us to achieve long-term success and excellent commercial placement.

Our strengths lie in clearly defined elements of success:




You and us – Working Together Elements Partnership

In a strong working community everyone benefits from each other. PENTA’S clear commitment to defined market objectives and growth targets is the prerequisite for mutual success.  top

Efficiency and Safety Elements Competence

PENTA concentrates comprehensive market knowledge and continually follows up on market developments. As a result, we are in a position to guarantee our customers the best conditions and highest quality standards. Thereby, we observe the currents safety standards which are documented in our extensive certifications.  top

Consulting and Customer Proximity Elements Precence

With over 80 locations, PENTA is very close to the market. Through our shareholders' sales staff we serve over 130,000 buying customers in Europe.  top

Decision-making and Negotiating Elements Drive

PENTA offers one of the most extensive chemical distribution networks in Europe and, at the same time, the flexibility and shallow hierarchy of small and medium-sized businesses.  top

Further development and growth Elements Vision

The chemical industry is international, Penta's customers act globally. On the basis of long-term relationships Penta accompanies its customers to their new markets. By affiliating new partners into the PENTA group we will strengthen our position.  top

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